Proving that modern American society has lost both its sense of humor and its goddamned mind, few people even raised an eyebrow yesterday when Antifa spokesman Chuck Brown demanded that Egypt “bulldoze the pyramids because they were built by slaves.”

In an hour long monologue that saw him pause only briefly to babble incoherently about socialism and oppression, Mr. Brown went on to demand that China remove its Great Wall, India the Taj Mahal and Rome the Colosseum, because they were all built by forced labor.

Predictably, Democratic and Republican politicians tripped over themselves to get on Twitter and voice their support for Mr. Brown’s imbecilic plan.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters also tweeted “Don’t forget about the Eiffel Tower” before eagle-eyed staffers deleted the post and found her a new coloring book and crayons to keep her occupied for the rest of the day.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was contacted by the Washington Post for his opinion, but he was unavailable.

According to rumors, he was posting anonymously on message boards that even though Lindsey Graham is in his fifties, never married and sounds like a slightly gayer version of Snagglepuss, he “only likes banging hot snatch and 100% never hooks up with strange men on Grindr.”