badge There’s a great line in The Dark Knight where Alfred sums up the Joker’s motivations with the explanation that some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They just want to watch the world burn.

I feel like that old butler gets me, and I wouldn’t have a problem with a country wracked by civil war where I got to fight over the shattered remnants of what used to be the most prosperous society on the planet.

However, I am a borderline alcoholic lunatic and if you’re not insane, this shouldn’t be a scenario you find at all appealing.

The liberal media seems to disagree, and these dolts are doing everything in their power to create a climate of violence and hate where extremism is encouraged, and after lighting the powder keg, their only solution is to keep ramping up this nonsensical narrative that the groups committing violence are the real victims, and everyone else needs to be disarmed to somehow stop the criminals.

Black Lives Matter is a hate group masquerading as a social justice organization, and the media has enabled them to the point that this is the likely end result. Cops are being murdered by racist criminals, who in the words of one, “just wanted to kill white people.”

Have fun living in the world you’ve created, future prey.