Dog Yesterday Muslim terrorists carried out a pre-meditated attack on American citizens using guns and improvised explosive devices, and it’s amazing how quickly the leftist media and politicians attempted to exonerate the killers and instead blame inanimate guns for the murderous rampage.

In their minds, it’s not the hate fostered by a medieval religion that drove the attackers to kill the infidels. It was the guns they were able to buy, but last time I checked, France has some of the strictest gun control laws on the planet, and they’ve also seen the worst Islamist massacres.

That’s because of their immigration and social policies. They’re coddling terrorists, pushing a suicidal multicultural agenda that encourages the immigration of enemy combatants and they’re literally paying for it with their lives.

Gun control laws don’t work because you need a law-abiding population for them to be successful. Terrorists and other criminals don’t respect laws, so if they can buy legal guns, they’ll use them. If not, they’ll just buy illegal ones like they did in France.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a gun nut, and I can’t be trusted, and you’re right I do love guns. Why just last night I had the best dream. I was asleep all snug in the chamber of my matte black Glock .40 and suddenly someone stroked the slide, pulled the trigger and launched me high into the sky.

As I gently floated down to earth on the breeze like a dandelion seed, I was filled with a sense of profound comfort and peace.

Was the dream crazy? Possibly. Interracially homoerotic? Almost certainly. But it also let me know that me and my Glock are going to be A-Ok.