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A St. Petersburg, Florida bar, Bishop Tavern & Lounge, had to grovel and beg forgiveness after four trannies and a drag queen were told they were not eligible for discounted drinks as part of the ladies night promotion. The group initially got the discounts but were cut off when a bouncer calmly and correctly explained the promotion didn’t apply to them because they were dudes.

The bar owners aren’t running a charity. They’re selling women drinks at a discount because they know more women will bring more men, and men will spend enough to more than cover what they lost on the women.

I don’t get passionate often, but ladies night is a sacred and inviolable institution, and I will not stand idly by while it’s abused! The beauty of ladies night is that it lures women with low self-esteem into a bar, and the half-priced drinks get them good and hammered so some lucky guy can give them a night they’ll soon regret. God damn it’s wonderful.

It pisses me off that this magical creation was transformed into a crusading issue for gay rights. I guess the next time my favorite bar has a ladies night, I’ll just tape down my dick, put on a dress and get some half-priced drinks too.

That actually sounds like a pretty good idea. I wonder what kind of tape I should use.