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No one knows for sure why Kim Kardashian is famous. She has been on more black guys than a prison jumpsuit, but if that’s all it took, everyone would know your mom’s name, too. She did make a sex tape, but it was disappointing. Who the hell keeps their bra on when making a sex video? Not the prostitutes I pay to film, that’s for sure.

Regardless of how it happened, Kim Kardashian is famous, and most people agree that she is a terrible human being. The public feels she is nothing but a no-talent fame-whore, and her whole life is just a series of contrived events designed to keep her in the spotlight.

Well, you better take all that back America because Ms. Kimberly Nuthole Noel Kardashian just did a good deed. You read that right. She committed a selfless act when no cameras were rolling, and she didn’t even promote it through Twitter.

Last Tuesday at Spago’s in Beverly Hills, she only ate half of her meal, and she told the server to give the leftovers to the busboys. That’s right. She donated the rest of her meal to those less fortunate.

Well America, are you ready to take back all those mean things you said?