Barbie-Doll-does-coke Researchers from Rutgers University recently published a study in the journal Body Image that shows children dislike fat dolls and don’t want to play with them.

For the study, kids aged three to five were given three Barbie-style dolls and although the dolls all had the exact same face, they had three very different bodies.

There was a hot skinny one, an average-sized but still bangable one and a fat gross one, and to the dismay of the researchers, only 10% of the girls wanted to play with the fat sweaty doll that probably also farts alot.

To make it even funnier, the girls also rated the fat doll the highest in a negative trait assessment and she was described as being tired, sad and not having any friends.

One of the researchers, John Worobey, said the little girls were likely just reflecting their mothers’ desire to be thin, but that’s nonsense. These kids just haven’t learned to play the game where you pretend to tolerate others while secretly mocking them behind their backs.

As any parent can tell you, kids are cruel little fountains of hate, and if not properly supervised, every play date is one inattentive parent away from descending into a Lord of the Flies type dystopia.

But, their lack of a filter can also be hilarious. I still laugh when I think about the time my daughter asked my black neighbor if he had ever been to prison.