A few months ago a chick had a meltdown and was drug off a Southwest flight at BWI because there were two dogs on it.  She said she had a life-threatening pet allergy, and that’s probably bullshit, but this whole “service animal” loophole has gotten way out of hand.

One of the dogs on the flight was an emotional support animal, and that somehow entitled it to be brought on the plane, yet the very same airline and airport made me throw my twelve-pack of emotional support Coors Banquet beers in the trash because they were more than 3.4 ounces.

Props to the TSA agent for casually mentioning that I could go drink them in the bathroom, but that’s beside the point.

Unless you’re blind, and you need a goddamned dog to keep you from walking into traffic or falling down empty elevator shafts, you don’t need a service animal.  I guess we can also let on the dogs that detect seizures, but that’s it.

The whole emotional support animal nonsense needs to end today, and I don’t want to be trapped in a narrow metal tube with your stupid dog when I had to leave mine with my idiot brother-in-law.