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Last year Texas passed a law requiring voters to present a state-issued driver’s license or identification card, a military photo ID, a passport, a U.S. citizenship certificate with a photo, or a concealed-carry handgun license in order to prove their identity before voting. However, the Justice Department’s Division of Civil Rights struck down the law Monday stating that it would disenfranchise the state’s Hispanic population.

I just reviewed the six-page letter the Civil Rights Division sent to Texas, and the argument doesn’t hold up. According to the data, Texas has nearly thirteen million voters, but two thirds of the people who don’t have the required photo id are not Hispanics. If anything this law takes the vote away from whites and blacks.

Look, providing a photo id is a perfectly reasonable requirement to vote. Frankly I’m amazed it hasn’t always been required. I bought a six pack of cool refreshing Miller Lite last night, and guess what I had to provide to buy it? That’s right, an official government id. As I drank quietly and cried in the den, my wife read a library book that she had to use an official government-issued photo id to get.

If you’re going to vote, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that you get off your ass and get the id you need to prove your identity. I guess The Department of Justice feels that if you’re so goddamn lazy you can’t do that, you’re going to vote for the Democrats, and this law really only hurts their party.