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In July of 2008, Tim McLean was on a Greyhound bus returning to his home in Manitoba, Canada. While he was sleeping another passenger on the bus, Vince Weiguang Li, produced a large “Rambo-style” knife and started stabbing him in the neck and chest. The rest of the bus passengers fled at this point, and they watched through the windows in horror as Mr. Li hacked up the corpse.

He eventually cut Mr. McLean’s head clean off and taunted the other passengers with it. He then ate Mr. McLean’s eyes and part of his heart, and put other parts of the body in plastic bags that he scattered around the bus. When the Mounties finally subdued him, they also found Mr. McLean’s ear, tongue and nose in his pocket.

You’d think the 35 witnesses and bags and pockets full of flesh would have been enough to guarantee a murder conviction, but this is Canada after all. Mr. Li was found not criminally responsible at trial and sent to a mental institution until it was determined he was no longer a threat to himself or others.

Mr. Li has since explained that he thought Mr. McLean was an alien, and he had to kill him to prevent an alien attack. I’m guessing the mental institution decided to show their appreciation for thwarting this alien invasion because according to the National Post, he’s now being allowed to have supervised visits to the neighboring town of Selkirk.

I wonder if the residents of Selkirk still want to mock America’s crazy gun laws. I currently have a pistol in each pocket, and I feel pretty darn safe. Unless they changed the law, the Canadians can’t even carry mace. On the plus side, it’s not like Mr. Li can eat all of you. Most of the sheep always get away.