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That's it. Now kiss her gently on the neck.

Diane Tran is a seventeen-year-old honor student at Willis High School near Houston, Texas. Her parents recently divorced, and she now lives with the family who owns a wedding venue where she works part-time on the weekends. She also has a full-time job with a drycleaner and on top of all that still manages to get good grades and take college-level classes at her school.

By all accounts this young lady is an exceptionally hard worker and an excellent student, but she states she misses about three days of school a month because she’s exhausted. After working her two jobs she stays up into the early morning hours to study, and some days she’s simply too tired to go to class.

Back in April she went before Judge Lanny Moriarty who informed her she was in violation of the Texas truancy law which states a student can’t miss more than ten school days per six-month period. When she missed another day of school this month the judge sentenced her to a night in jail.

This issue really irks me. For one, the age of consent in Texas is seventeen, so this barely legal Oriental flower was locked up with drug addicts, whores and other felons. If I was the judge I wouldn’t have punished her. I would have showered her with rose petals and had her gently shaded with a parasol so the sun from the window didn’t darken her soft, milky skin.

These truancy laws were never intended for delicate doves like Ms. Tran. They should only be used for dangerous minorities and fat girls. What a terrible miscarriage of justice, and Judge Moriarty, you should be ashamed.