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The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, passed out on the set Wednesday due to a near lethal level of what paramedics described as “smugness.” One speculated that Mr. Stewart has become “such a patronizing, self-satisfied little douchebag, his personality actually fouled the air in the studio. Jon seems to have an exceptionally high tolerance for it, but these Republican primaries just pushed him over the edge.”

As a former fan of The Daily Show, I can’t say I’m surprised. A show that used to hilariously attack political stupidity on both sides of the aisle has degenerated into a left-wing strokefest that is actually less entertaining than a real strokefest would be.

Somewhere along the line Jon Stewart transformed into a watered down version of Bill Maher. He’s become a smarmy little hack who has swung to the left but lacks the nuts to truly offend anybody.

I’m no fan of Bill Maher, but I do respect a guy willing to unapologetically say whatever he wants regardless of how it will be received. Like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman said in Full Metal Jacket, he’s “silly and he’s ignorant, but he’s got guts, and guts is enough.”