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Two male massage therapists have come forward and sued John Travolta for allegedly touching them inappropriately, exposing himself and for trying to initiate sexual contact during their massages. The first incident allegedly occurred in a Beverly Hills hotel on January 16th, and the second in a hotel in Atlanta on January 28th.

I have a hard time believing that either one of these male massage therapists are telling the truth. For one, if your job is to go rub wealthy men for $200 an hour, I’m guessing you don’t complain when one of them offers to pay you more money for sex. I have a hunch that’s pretty much your job description. You’re a male prostitute who makes house-calls and brings his own table.

The first complainant’s statement also seems like it has to be a put-on. He claims Travolta picked him up in a black SUV, and the floor board was littered with snack-cake wrappers and condoms were kept in plain site on the dash. He was then taken to a bungalow at the hotel where an overweight black man cooked burgers as he gave John Travolta his massage. The mysterious black man then disappeared, and that’s when the fun really started.

Travolta allegedly explained to the masseur that he got where he is in the business by performing sexual favors on producers, and when he started, he didn’t even like the taste of jizz. He said if the masseur would just loosen up, he would have the best sex of his life. He went on to say he has done things in this world that would make people throw up, which seems like an odd thing to add.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it, but that’s not normally something you say when you’re trying to seduce someone. Then again, I normally just chloroform them and do my business. I’m not really one for chit-chat.