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According to the Tokyo Times, a former hooker, Keiko Saito, eventually got tired of getting drilled for cash and had an epiphany. Pimpin’ is where the money’s really at, and if she wanted to get ahead instead of just giving it, she needed to move up to management.

If you’re going to succeed in business you need to find a niche, and Ms. Saito’s niche was fat girls. Some of them really, really fat. According to reports one of them tipped the scale at over 330 pounds and considering the height of the average Japanese woman is 5’2”, that’s pretty damn impressive.

The prostitution ring was called “Max Body” and catered to clients who liked big boobs and butts. And since this was Japan, I’m sure some other really weird shit was involved, but unfortunately, the Tokyo Times doesn’t go into that.

It just says Ms. Saito made an estimated $4 million in three years, and you can’t fault her business model. If there was a company in Fredericksburg, VA that would send fat, busty Japanese women to my house for sex, I’m fairly certain I would be broke and divorced by the end of the month.