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During World War II the Germans invaded Greece, and since the Nazis proved to be more than a match for their catapults and spears, the country was brought to its knees in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately for the Greeks the Germans were not a gentle lover, and hundreds of thousands of Greeks starved to death or were shot in retaliation for partisan raids during the subsequent occupation.

Sixty-five years later the Greeks are up in arms because the Germans are demanding steep spending cuts and austerity measures in return for another bail-out of their broke-assed economy. Anti-German rhetoric is at such a fever pitch that ordinary Germans are leery of coming to Greece on vacation. This is a problem because a staggering 15% of the Greek economy is directly dependent on tourism, and Germans make up the largest percentage of visitors.

The Greek economy is a joke, and they almost make the U.S. appear to be well-led. Their government has been overspending for decades, and all employees were guaranteed a pension that was covered by the state. Before recent reforms people were retiring as young as 40 on a reduced pension, and if you had a job like hairdresser, which was classified as “arduous and hazardous,” you got additional payments.

Germany just approved another bail-out of the Greeks, but instead of wasting even more money, they should just consider invading. They obviously like going there, and since the Greeks are still as incompetent as they were in 1941, it should be a fairly easy war.

The more I think about it, the more sense this makes. We in the U.S. have been invading god-forsaken jungles, deserts and mountain strongholds for decades, and we should team up with the Germans and invade someplace with a nice climate and picturesque beaches. It would be good for our boys to get to go someplace nice for a change.