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My grandfather embodied everything great about America, and it’s amazing what you used to be able to get away with. According to family lore, as a kid he actually tried to murder his future step-father on his wedding day because he “just didn’t like the son of a bitch.” Those were his actual words.

Luckily, the local sheriff caught him before he could pull the trigger, and since no one was actually killed, the cop just swatted the murderous little scamp on the rump, took his gun and sent him on his way.

Now, that behavior would get you sent away for life.

America used to embody freedom and opportunity, but that’s been changing for decades and 9/11 only made it worse. We’re slowly building a police state, and we need to start rolling back that process while we can.

I was watching an old western movie this morning, and I was impressed at the things they did as part of their normal day that would get you locked up now. They drank in public, openly patronized a brothel and a few of them even fired their guns into the air while riding wildly around town.

I personally fear horses ever since one bit me on the head after I passed out drunk in its stall, but riding one and firing wildly into the sky at God does appeal to me. I just don’t want the felonies that would come along with it.

We already incarcerate more people than any other country in the world, and it’s got to stop. Rapists, murderers and other violent predators should be severely punished, but for everything else, if you don’t have a victim, then in my mind, you shouldn’t have a crime.