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grave2 Tamerlan Tsarnaev was one of the filthy cowards who bombed women and children at the Boston Marathon, and he was killed after he was shot by police and then run over by his co-conspirator brother as he tried to flee.

His corpse should have then been cremated and flushed, or thrown into the ocean and eaten by sea creatures, but instead, they decided he should be buried.

Most communities declined to take the body because they were concerned about vandalism and a public backlash, but one do-gooder, Martha Mullen of Richmond, thought it was her Christian duty to find Tamerlan a home, and unfortunately that home is in Caroline County, Va.

Caroline is somewhat of a shithole, and our most famous resident was Secretariat, a horse that won the Triple Crown. Our second most famous resident is a matter of some debate. Some people think it was William Clark from the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Personally, I think it was that old bum we all called Droopy who used to stand by the road in Ladysmith and show his dong to passing motorists. Either one is a good choice.

Now Caroline is on the map because we’re the burial place of a notorious mass murderer and terrorist.

Caroline’s sheriff, Tony Lippa, has said that anyone defacing that dickhead’s grave will be arrested and prosecuted, but I’d probably take my chances with a jury trial here. Plus, that skeleton would look great in the haunted house I’m already planning for next Halloween.