The latest Israeli Palestinian clash is at an intermission, and not since Georgia Tech blew out Cumberland College 222 to zero in a football game in 1916 have we seen such a one-sided contest, and I for one am shocked.

Who would have thought a tiny, impoverished enclave that relies on smuggled weapons would fare so poorly against a modern western military supplied with the best instruments of death America and Europe have to offer.

The Gaza Strip is fairly small; roughly the same size as Detroit, Michigan, and while Detroit is an unlivable shithole it’s paradise compared to Gaza.

The area is basically a giant refugee camp, and about two thirds of the 1.8 million people who live there were displaced when Israel took their land, and they now live in one of the poorest, most densely populated places on earth.

Ironically, modern Gaza resembles nothing so much as the medieval Jewish ghettos where European Jews were confined so they didn’t contaminate their Christian neighbors.

Most of these ghetto restrictions were abolished in the 19th century only to be reestablished by the Nazis during World War II.

Maybe Israel should just cut to the chase and make Gaza a Concentration Camp. Zyklon B is surprisingly easy to make, and instead of attacking Gaza every few years and killing a thousand people, they could find a more permanent solution.

A final solution so to speak.