unnamed Thanks to the stunning and unexpected conversion of two prominent American evangelical leaders, U.S. men and women who self-identify as conservative have converted to Islam in staggering numbers over the last 12 months.

In addition to the “miraculous” conversions of the formerly Christian pastors, many converts cite the leftward shift of major Christian sects as well as their anger at being constantly blamed, ignored or belittled by an out-of-touch leftist media and government.

The liberal elite who dominate print and broadcast news networks initially welcomed the changes as a repudiation of America’s “bigoted Christian” past, but many now realize their support was woefully misguided.

Abortion clinics have virtually disappeared from 35 of the 50 U.S. states, and due to frequent terror attacks, Israel has evacuated nearly two million Jews from the U.S. in just the last 6 months, but their ability to feed and house such a large influx of people has strained the state to the breaking point.

Frequent Caliphate attacks on her border have complicated matters, and Israel’s decision to remove the entire population of Gaza to house the newcomers has invited worldwide condemnation.

President Clinton’s decision to temporarily relocate the U.S. Capital to the Hudson military district has also drawn widespread criticism, and this has only been amplified by the recent terror attacks on the region’s natural gas pipelines and the bouncing bomb attack that breached the dam at the Niagara Falls power facility.