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People make fun of Joe Biden, and for good reason.  It was just released that even Osama Bin Laden considered him something of an idiot.  Bin Laden considered assassinating President Obama and General Petraeus, but planned to spare Joe. He thought Biden would be such a terrible president he would actually hurt the U.S more if he was kept alive.

Would Joe Biden be a terrible president? Absolutely. He would be worse than Obama, Bush II and Jimmy Carter combined. He’s a walking blooper reel, his mind tends to wander when he’s talking, and he has the alarming habit of actually telling the truth.

During a recent interview on “Meet The Press” he was asked if he supported gay marriage, and he responded that he was “absolutely ok” with it. During the same interview he also referred to Romney as “President Romney” and called Obama Clinton, so he may be going a little senile, too.

The Obama camp is now scrambling, and people are referring to Biden’s latest gaffe, but this isn’t a gaffe. He stated honestly what he and everyone else in the White House thinks, and he’s being attacked for not lying like a normal politician. Personally, I hate being lied to, and I respect Biden for acting like a man and saying what he actually thought.

Don’t get me wrong, Joe Biden is still an idiot.  I still remember him freaking out about swine flu a few years ago and his advice was basically to panic and avoid all mass transportation. There was also the time he was caught asking for a website’s number so he could give it to the public. You also can’t forget the time he told a wheel-chair bound politician, Missouri State Sen. Chuck Graham, to “stand up and let ‘em see ya.”

Aside from being honest, you do have to applaud Joe Biden for one other thing. As a politician he found the only job in the country where instead of being punished for incompetence, he keeps getting promoted.