burnbabyburn I’m genuinely curious here. At some point did a bunch of politicians sit around in their walnut-appointed offices sipping single malt scotch and say fuck it. Let’s see if we can set the world on fire before anyone stops us.

That’s the only real explanation I can offer for current U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

We’ve created a welfare state, but we don’t control our borders so bankruptcy is all but guaranteed. If you doubt me, go buy a house near the ghetto and then leave your doors unlocked for a few days. Pretty soon all your shit will be gone, and it’s your own fault.

That’s America’s future, but it gets even better.

Libya and Iraq were both led by petty dictators that cared more about getting paid and getting laid then they did with causing trouble abroad, so what did we do? We funded their overthrow and murder so both countries are now controlled by Islamic militant groups committed to a policy of world-wide jihad.

And to ratchet up the fun, they can now travel to one of the failed states of Central and South America, bribe a few local officials and then walk across our southern border.

I’m no psychic, but here’s my prediction. In the next ten years one of these groups will use Iraqi or Libyan oil income to carry out a massive attack on America’s power infrastructure.

They’ll use Hispanic street gangs as the muscle, and coordinated attacks will simultaneously hit natural gas and oil pipelines while men armed with nothing more than gas cans, flares and Kalashnikovs will put out hundreds of electrical substations.

Once the power is off and welfare payments are disrupted, people will hit the streets and riots will sweep the land.

The more I think about it, that does sound kind of fun.