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I love online poker. It’s a good way to make a few bucks, and you can play far more hands an hour than you can in a casino.

Back in 2006, an anti-online gambling bill was quietly passed by being coupled with legislation to protect our ports. Earlier this year, the feds decided a crack-down was in order, and PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker all had their domains seized. Their executives were also hit with charges of bank fraud.

The online poker companies had been begging the federal government to tax and regulate them for years. Politicians like Harry Reid, who are beholden to the big Vegas casinos, blocked this. Vegas casinos hate online gambling because it hurts their bottom line.

Last December I read an article indicating Harry Reid was working behind the scenes to legalize online gambling but restrict licenses to casinos and racetracks that have been in businesses at least five years. Say what you will about Harry, but once you slip some Benjamins in his pocket, he will work hard to see you get your money’s worth. Then again, it is a symbiotic relationship. Harrah’s and MGM generously funded an anti-Tea Party Group so they wouldn’t have to worry about someone they can’t buy getting elected.

I want real-money online poker back. I don’t care if crooked politicians like Harry limit it to the people who pay them, or not. Fairness doesn’t concern me here. I’m indifferent as to which billion dollar company takes the rake. Just get it back up.