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According to this article in The Daily Mail, Rajesh Shah was a man with a dream.

Unfortunately, that dream was to open a clothing boutique in his native India and name it after Adolph Hitler.

Then again, maybe the business will prosper because Rajesh obviously has an eye for style. Just look at how he dotted the “i” in Hitler with a little swastika.

Rajesh claims that he didn’t really know anything about Hitler before opening the store, and he only chose that name because it was the nickname of his business partner’s grandfather.

The old man was reputedly very stern, and that’s how he earned the moniker. He may or may not have had an affinity for ovens. That still remains to be determined.

The local Jewish community has demanded the store change its name, and Rajesh has said that’s a possibility, but someone would have to pay to rebrand the shop. He says he’s already spent a whopping $720 on signs, business cards and advertising, and he’s out of cash.

On a side note, damn, you can get all that in India for $720 bucks. For years I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a kebob restaurant with a Vlad the Impaler theme, but I never had the money to make it happen. It seems India may hold the key to making that dream a reality.