You crapped your pants, too?

You crapped your pants, too?

President Obama has decided he wants North America to be more like Central and South America which is odd because those places are absolutely terrible.

Honduras, Venezuela, Belize, El Salvador and Guatemala have the five highest murder rates in the world, and if our country had any goddamned sense it would be paying unemployed people to build a Great Wall across our southern border to keep those maniacs at bay.

Unfortunately an unholy alliance between big business dependent on cheap labor and Democrats looking to brown up the electorate for political gains has nixed that sensible option and Obama is now vowing to fully open our borders with Executive Orders.

While this is an impeachable offense, Republicans are leery of removing Obama from office because Joe Biden will succeed him, but I would actually love to see that happen.

For one, Joe Biden is probably insane. He suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurism years ago, and when that happens it frequently leads to brain damage. I’d even hazard a guess an MRI would show damage to his frontal lobe which would explain why he has the impulse control of a mental patient.

Putting this guy in charge of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal is definitely a risk, but you have to admit it would make watching the news a hell of a lot more fun.

I expect headlines of “President Biden causes international incident by asking the president of South Korea if he has ever eaten a dog.” Or maybe, “President Biden apologizes to American people after losing Alaska in card game with Vladimir Putin.”

And it would go on and on like that.