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Casual fans from California to Caroline County have already started bemoaning the fact that I’ll Have Another won’t race in this Saturday’s Belmont Stakes. Some had hoped the horse would capture the first Triple Crown in over three decades, but tendonitis is causing him to be scratched from the race.

I was actually an early supporter of I’ll Have Another because his name reminded me of my alcoholism. His odds were 15/1 at the Derby, and it was only after I was bragging about my payday did I learn that his name actually came from his owner’s reply when his wife asked if he wanted more fresh-baked cookies.

His now stupid name aside, I still liked him enough at the Preakness to accept the 2/1 odds, and he paid off again.

With Belmont looming a number of media outlets were climbing on the bandwagon and asking if a Triple Crown victory could save the racing industry. They cited that tv viewership is down, and only a storybook ending could bring people back.

Unfortunately, the media understands horse racing about as much as they understand the economy, race relations or politics. Racing is fueled by degenerate gamblers like me, not families and not casual viewers. It’s a niche sport that has always been based on betting. So long as gambling is allowed, horse racing will always exist.

Now, I’m going to go bet on whether this hooker I met online is real or a cop. Wish me luck.