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Eliodoro Soria Fonseca was just sentenced to two years in prison for allegedly trying to smuggle 115 dead iguanas into the U.S. The disgusting green reptiles had been skinned, deboned and beheaded and were described as oven-ready. He had hidden them in coolers under fish, but it seems Customs was wise to that game.

It turns out iguanas are regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which is odd considering they’re not actually endangered. CITIES has determined they may become threatened if the trade isn’t tightly controlled, but isn’t that true of any animal?

The last time I was in Mexico, there were iguanas everywhere. I also know they eat the damn things there because when I got lost in the Yucatan and rolled into a village looking for gas, I saw one of them on a spit being roasted over a fire. I tried to talk them into giving me a piece, but they said it wasn’t going to be done for hours, and my wife refused to wait.

It boggles my mind that Fonseca got two years in prison for this bullshit crime. Florida has been complaining about an iguana infestation for years. Careless pet owners have set them free, and estimates of the wild population vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

People don’t like them because their poop carries salmonella and they have a habit of destroying landscaping. I have a pretty easy solution here; free Mr. Fonseca from prison and let him trap them so people can eat them. You get rid of a nuisance species that has been introduced, and Mexicans get a culinary treat from the motherland. Everybody wins.