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idiot2 Jose Laparra, the former president of a Spanish soccer club, was just arrested after he tried to break into the house of a clairvoyant he allegedly paid over $200,000 dollars to cast a love spell on a woman he was smitten with.

Amazingly, the love spell didn’t work, and when old Sleepless in Seville went to the psychic’s home with a bunch of friends to get a refund, she called the cops and had him arrested.

The thing that blows my mind here is how goddamned pointless this was. There was no need to pay some stupid witch doctor $200 grand to cast a love spell. This guy already had the equivalent of Spanish Fly and Love Potion Number 9 – cold hard cash.

All he had to do was walk up to this chick and say, “Hey baby. I’m going to spend one-fifth of a million dollars wooing you. I’m going to buy you jewels, furs and pay homeless guys to fight for your amusement.”

Unless this broad was some kind of lesbian, she would have melted in his hands like butter.