It’s only the second week in February, and one guy in my death pool has already scored hits with Joe Paterno and Whitney Houston. He also won last year by finishing strong with two hits in December, Harry Morgan and Kim Jong Il. Either this guy is extremely lucky or he has tapped into some dark power the rest of us don’t understand.

This is the rest of his list. If you find yourself on it, you may want to get your affairs in order:

Stephen Hawking
Lindsay Lohan
Ariel Sharon
Lil Wayne
Hugo Chavez
Billy Boyd (I think he was one of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings)
Hugh Hefner
Gary Busey
Ving Rhames

If anyone else of this group dies in the next few months I fully intend to kidnap his ass and make him choose some lottery numbers for me. Then again, if he’s really psychic he may know I’m coming and set up a trap. I guess I’ll have to do it in a way so crazy, even if he does foresee it, he won’t believe it. I wonder if they make Girl Scout disguises in my size.