I guess I'll miss that part a little.

I guess I’ll miss that part a little.

If there is one thing on God’s green earth I hate, it’s going to a doctor’s office. It’s like a bus station, but with even more filthy, disease-ridden peasants, and between the coughing, wheezing and snot covered seats, I almost feel like I have to burn my clothes after a visit.

I have health insurance through Anthem Blue Cross, the world’s shittiest insurance company, and since it’s still a few years before Obamacare puts them out of business, I figure I’ll stay with the evil I know.

But to give credit where its due, Anthem did do something right and they’ve rolled out a new service I love, LiveHealth Online.

Instead of driving to an office and waiting an hour to see some overbooked quack that’s going to spend two minutes with me before prescribing whatever drug gives him the biggest kickback, I can now visit him from the comfort of my own home through video chat.

And unlike those prudes at work, the doctor didn’t freak out when I came onto the screen in my underwear.

So, if you’ve got a sinus infection and need antibiotics but don’t want to spend half a day jumping through hoops to get them, this service can’t be beat.