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char People are basically sheep waiting to be herded in a particular direction, and just the other week I was wondering what new issue would get these dipshits bounding towards the horizon.

Would it be a manufactured war against Syria? North Korea? Some new outrage that the government dared to cut money from the budget? Nope, it’s an all hands on deck push for that great civil rights issue of our time – gay marriage.

As a libertarian, I think people should be able to marry whomever or whatever they want, but I’m sick and tired of every little liberal acting like this is some great social crusade and they’re 1960s-era freedom riders risking their lives for a cause.

You forwarded a goddamned equal sign. Get over yourself.

Let me explain marriage to you – It sucks. Getting women pregnant is far more fun than raising your stupid kids, and the idea of a union between a man and woman, sanctioned by God, was created to prevent a limitless herd of bastard children from covering the entire surface of the earth.

Now gays want to get in on the misery? Trust me, guys, you’re living the good life and you don’t need this piece of paper fucking it up.