I hear your mom just joined Facebook. I might just mosey over there and say hi. She probably needs someone to hold her hand and introduce her to this brave, new world.

“Gosh, Mrs. H., you look great. I can’t believe your Tim’s mom. You look more like his sister. How do you stay in such great shape?”

That’s right, Mrs. H. I want to see you blush. Don’t be shy. You can play with your hair a little, too. We’re all friends here. What happens in cyberspace stays in cyberspace.

But let’s be honest. You and I both know how this is going to end. I am going to friend you long and hard. Oh, that’s right. I am going to friend you like you haven’t been friended since your wedding night. I might even bring a friend and let him friend you, too.

Now give me a like, baby.  And don’t forget to share it with your friends.