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The American media is a hopelessly incompetent mix of liberal propagandists and glorified gossip columnists. And when they do tackle a serious issue, like the Trayvon Martin shooting, they make such a mess of it, they actually put people’s lives at risk.

The media has all but convicted Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, in the press. Following their lead, the Department of Justice is considering hate crime charges even though Zimmerman is part black and has no history of racist behavior. On the contrary, he mentored black children in his free time.

The media has consistently ignored the fact that after the shooting George Zimmerman had injuries consistent with receiving a beating. He had two black eyes, a broken nose, cuts to the back of his head and a back injury. Aside from the gunshot, Trayvon Martin’s only injuries were to his knuckles from punching George Zimmerman in the face for an extended period of time.

Eyewitness testimony also points to Trayvon Martin sitting on top of George Zimmerman and punching him “MMA style.” Further evidence indicates Zimmerman only shot Trayvon Martin after his gun was revealed, and Trayvon made a lunge for it.

Some people dispute George Zimmerman’s self-defense claim by citing that you can’t provoke the attack and then claim self-defense. But, simply questioning why someone is in your neighborhood isn’t adequate provocation, and it’s not even clear if Zimmerman did that. Considering these facts and his injuries, it’s going to be difficult to convict George Zimmerman of anything in a court of law.

If George Zimmerman walks, we may very well have riots, and you can thank the media’s typically biased reporting for it. I just hope a few of those same clueless journalists go out and cover the riots directly. Then again, I love watching people get hit with bricks and stomped.