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Democrats hate babies like I hate sobriety, and they’re currently waging a war against faith-based institutions’ refusal to provide birth control and abortion coverage. As part of this campaign, Sandra Fluke, a thirty-one-year-old feminist activist, testified before Democratic members of the House of Representatives because Georgetown, the Catholic Jesuit law school she chose to attend, doesn’t provide birth control as part of its health plan. Ms. Fluke stated in a past interview she knew the school didn’t provide contraceptive coverage, and one of the reasons she enrolled was to battle this policy.

Ms. Fluke is being portrayed in the news as a doe-eyed “twenty-three-year-old coed” caught in a big old world without any of those magic pills that can prevent a baby from ruining all her dreams. The truth is she is a grizzled professional activist, and she was even a chapter leader of the group Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

She petitioned the school to provide reproductive coverage in the past, but as a Catholic institution, it declined. In her testimony Ms. Fluke said contraception could cost her $3,000, and that would prevent many low income women from attending the school. I’m not sure how they would pay the $25,000 yearly tuition, but that’s beside the point.

Conservative commentator and former drug addict, Rush Limbaugh, seized on the fact that Ms. Fluke deliberately inflated the price of birth control and asked just how much sex the chick was having. He also called her a slut and a prostitute and commented that with that much sex, it was amazing she could still walk. In a later diatribe he even suggested that if women receive public money for birth control they should have to let us see the sex video so we can “get something for it.”

Even though he has never been elected to any public office, the leftist media and Democratic politicians seized on Limbaugh’s comments, and Obama even called Sandra Fluke directly to better milk it. Limbaugh eventually decided this wasn’t a fight worth continuing, and he issued a half-assed apology to Sandra Fluke Saturday.

I could care less if they offered abortions at Walmart and dispensed morning-after pills from gumball machines, but if a Jesuit law school doesn’t want to provide reproductive health coverage, that’s their goddamn right. That’s their freedom to choose. If you don’t like it, here’s a suggestion, don’t work or study there you dumb slut.