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The advertising agency Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty (BBH) launched a program at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin where bums were rigged as MiFi hotspots, and you could access their signal if you gave them a handout, which they could keep.

Predictably, liberals have screamed that this big, rich advertising agency is exploiting the homeless, and this is just another advertising campaign to make it appear as though BBH is actually concerned about shining a light on homelessness, when all they really want is the publicity.

Ok, that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re at a liberal arts festival and trying to appear like they give a shit about these skid row bums. But, don’t get all high and mighty like you actually care about these homeless pieces of crap, either.

You could have saved the $500 bucks you paid for your latest Apple toy, and the $5 you just spent on your faggy Frappuccino, to feed a group of bums for a month. Multiple months if you feed them dog food instead of people food.

Is making a bum a hotspot a good idea? No. It’s retarded. But, if liberals really cared about the homeless, they should adopt them like a pet and let them move in with them. After the initial housebreaking phase, I’m sure those stinking transients will be transformed into kind and devoted housemates. I’m also positive they won’t try to kill and rape you in your sleep. And yes, I mean it in that order.