Hillary Clinton delivered a speech in Orlando Wednesday unveiling her vision for a robust American economy.

What untapped resource will she harness? Will it be our oil reserves under otherwise terrible states like the Dakotas or Alaska? Perhaps it will be a plan to utilize our tremendous supplies of iron and nickel to revitalize our ailing steel industry.

Nope and nope. Her secret economic weapon is handicapped people.

Look, I have nothing against the handicapped, and after just finding this nude picture of Dutch wheelchair tennis athlete Esther Vergeer, I have a sneaking suspicion the words “wheelchair” and “porn” will play a prominent role in the rest of my week.

And as much as I enjoy looking at women who can actually put their legs behind their ears because they feel nothing below the waist, Hillary Clinton is just proposing more regulations, more bureaucracy and more of the same bullshit currently sinking the American economy because she thinks it will allow her to score political points.

Our politicians have gotten so stupid and terrible, it may be time to flip the script. They only get paid if they do a good job, and we get to vote on it.

Henceforth, every December 31st America will go the polls and vote whether the president did a good job and should be paid. If 51% say yes, that person gets a check. Otherwise, their bitch-ass just worked 365 for free.

And to help make public service an actual public service, and to cut out a major loophole here, no politician will ever be allowed to profit from speaking fees, foundation donations, consulting fees or any of the other ways we allow politicians to be bribed without actually calling them bribes.