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FBI Like most Americans, I’m still pissed about the bombing in Boston. If you terrorists want to blow up a power plant or piss in my water supply, I’m fine with that. But for fucks sake, what motivates someone to kill innocent women and children just because you hate their government?

Here’s a news flash, like most Americans, I hate my government, too. Both the Democrats and Republicans are primarily made up of a bunch of spoiled ideologues who are more obsessed with advancing their little agendas than helping me. But killing innocent civilians doesn’t hurt them.

They’ll still go home to their guarded estates, flit from gilded ball to ball, and all the while they’ll try to exploit these deaths like some damned commodity to advance their political aims.

But, my biggest beef isn’t with the politicians here. It’s with the FBI. I have to assume you received credible intel there was going to be a bombing at the marathon because you conducted a “training exercise” during the race with bomb sniffing dogs, and you were actively searching for explosive devices.

If you have intelligence that’s good enough for you to put spotters on rooftops and place bomb detecting canines at the start and finish lines, then do us a favor and tell us about it. Maybe then parents would at least have the chance to get their kids someplace safe.