Charles Charles Francis Gaskins, seen over to the right, is a member of a prison gang, the Peckerwoods, and one of their requirements is that members must attack anyone convicted of molesting children.

As rules go, I feel that’s a pretty good one, but it seems the liberal state of California disagrees because Mr. Gaskins was just given a sentence of 26 years to life for killing a convicted child molester, Neil Ray Hayes, back in 2009.

Mr. Gaskins knew Neil from prison, but he didn’t know he was a child molester when he let him move into the home he shared with his girlfriend, Sandra Sheaves.

One night while surfing the web, Ms. Sheaves found on a Megan’s Law website that Neil had a history of diddling kids, and Mr. Gaskins did what any reasonable person should and confronted Neil.

When he confirmed that he did indeed like to have sex with children, Mr. Gaskins bashed in his skull with a giant rock.

As a parent, I applaud Mr. Gaskin’s actions and I even like the fact he used a rock to dispense justice. Sure, he could have opted for a gun or a knife, but he decided to get all Old Testament, just like God would have wanted.