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rutgersI don’t throw the word hero around lightly, but I can think of few men more deserving of the term than former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice. In an age of raging political correctness and emasculated men, he had the guts and courage to take a stand and scream, “You fucking fairies. Is that the best you’ve got?”

Mike Rice was famously shown on practice videos throwing basketballs at players and calling them faggots, and this led to his recent termination. He was especially abusive toward Lithuanian-born player, Gilvydas Biruta, but you have to understand Mike Rice’s position.

Most of his players were black, and if he had thrown ethnic slurs at them, they very well might have beaten the shit out of him.

Actually, Mike Rice sucks. He reminds me of my high school football coach who whenever he threatened to cut you, you weren’t sure if he meant he would kick you off the team or he would go out to his truck, get a knife and stab you.

Mike Rice was like an abusive older brother, and he wasn’t even a very good coach. He had a losing record at Rutgers, and he probably should have been fired anyway. My problem with this story is the histrionic overreaction and manipulation of it by the left-wing media.

They conveniently overlooked the fact that all this came about because a disgruntled former coach, Eric Murdock, took hundreds of hours of practice videos and created a 30-minute movie of all the lowlights. He then tried to extort the University and told them if they would give him $950,000, he wouldn’t release the video.

Did that relieve Mike Rice of any guilt? No. He’s still a prick and a shitty coach.

I just feel like I should be given all the facts.  And do me a favor and spare me the liberal diatribes about how he was an anti-gay bigot and child abuser. Most of you haven’t been in a locker room since you were getting wedgied in 10th grade gym class, so I’ll draw my own conclusions.