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Can You Find The U.S.-Backed Freedom Fighter In This Picture?

Can You Find The U.S.-Backed Freedom Fighter In This Picture?

You’ve got to hand it to our government. They can’t manage the economy, fix our aging infrastructure or come up with a national health system that isn’t a train wreck, but the Senate Foreign Relations Committee just authorized an attack on Syria.

It seems we’re still pretending the Syrian government launched a chemical weapons attack even though most evidence indicates it was done by the terrorists we’re supporting and falsely pretending are freedom fighters.

Our logic for the attack is also priceless. We’re going to punish the Syrian government for supposedly killing women and children by bombing them and probably killing more women and children.

Maybe the politicians should bomb our economy to fix it, too.

And who’s paying for this? In the first few weeks of the attack on Libya the U.S. and U.K. fired over 160 cruise missiles, and at $1.4 million a missile, that comes out to about a quarter of a billion dollars. I’m no mathematician, but it seems like we could do other things with that money like not blowing it the fuck up.

And let’s say we do attack Syria. Then what? Unless we put troops on the ground those chemical weapons will fall into the hands of the Jihadists and foreign-born terrorists that have pledged to destroy both Israel and the West.

And just to ratchet up the sheer stupidity of all of this, the Russians are hinting they might provide advanced missile technology to Syria if they’re attacked and the Chinese are sending ships to monitor the situation. And God knows how Iran will react, but I have a hunch the words bat-shit and crazy aren’t far off.

And you thought we’d never see another Franz Ferdinand moment.