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First off, don’t refer to the self-important little twats who took down the Vatican’s website as hacktivists. They’re not activists. They’re spoiled children stomping their feet and throwing a tantrum because the Catholic Church has the gall to espouse a different set of beliefs.

I disagree with Catholicism on almost every major point, but I respect its right to exist. Then again, I’m probably giving these chumps far more credit than they deserve. The main Anonymous Twitter account claims the attack was carried out “for the pure simple lulz,” and that’s probably the truth.” All the later excuses were only provided to justify what amounts to an act of vandalism.

If these little shit-stains actually wanted to help people, they could. There are a million charities out there, and most have noble aims. Some are focused on providing food and drinking water to the desperately poor, some focus on children, and all of them share a common theme of providing tangible help to those who can’t help themselves.

These hackers are nothing but over-privileged little cunts who don’t have the balls to break out windows in real life so they throw stones in cyberspace. It’s all fun and games till a few of them get locked up like Sabu’s little crew. Getting owned and pwned has a totally different meaning in prison, but they’ll find that out soon enough.