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When I was a kid, I was an irrational little punk who felt the world should rearrange itself to fit my priorities. I still labored under the delusion I was special, and not an insignificant speck hurtling through the cold indifference of space.

People on the far left and far right never got that message. They still think they’re special, and that’s why they stomp their feet and throw little temper tantrums when politicians, or even other people, refuse to see the world through their warped lenses.

A number of leftists want to embrace some imaginary green energy that’s going to eliminate our need for fossil fuels. The only flaw in their plan is that technology hasn’t been invented. Places that are trying to wish it into existence are literally paying the price. Nearly 30 states have a mandate to use alternative energy, and those states are paying an average of 32% more for electricity than their neighbors.

Our country has over a hundred-year supply of comparatively clean-burning natural gas. We control the stockpiles, and the same price controls we can’t enforce on foreign-controlled petroleum could be applied to this fuel. We need to embrace it and make it the cornerstone of our energy program.

If we commit to running our country on natural gas, we’ll give ourselves a century to develop those sustainable, green fuels that may not currently exist, but are essential for the future. Doesn’t that make more sense than relying on technologies that just don’t work?