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Elizabeth Lloyd has probably had plenty of balls smack her in the face, but none came harder or faster than the baseball thrown by little league catcher Matthew Migliaccio two years ago. Mrs. Lloyd was sitting at a picnic table five feet from the fenced-in bullpen where Matthew was helping a pitcher warm up, when an errant throw from the 11-year-old child hit her in her fat, greedy mouth.

Mrs. Lloyd didn’t seem seriously hurt at the time, but the lure of easy money seems to have aggravated her injuries. She has now decided to sue the now 13-year-old Matthew directly, and she’s seeking more than $150,000 to cover medical costs, and an undefined amount for pain and suffering.

Not to be left out, her husband is also suing little Matthew for loss of “services, society and consortium” of his wife.

What’s mind-boggling about this suit is that these greedy pigs are claiming the 11-year-old child was negligent and careless because he engaged “in inappropriate physical and/or sporting activity” near Mrs. Lloyd. Last time I checked, no one made her sit her fat ass five feet from the area where little kids were going to be throwing baseballs for a little league game.

Kids that age can barely hit the toilet, much less a glove, so if you sit within 100 feet of either, you’re asking for trouble. I assume this kid will win in court, but his dad is concerned it will cost them thousands to fight it, and so far Little League has not offered any assistance in helping cover the defense. The organization says their insurance doesn’t cover spectators, so the kid is on his own.

I’m not much for prayer, but I don’t think it’s wrong to ask Jesus to hit this woman and her husband with some sort of plague as punishment. It doesn’t even have to be deadly. I think leprosy would work nicely. So, if you’re a Christian, please feel free to pray for the Lloyds of Manchester, NJ (located in Ocean County) to get struck from heaven by that horrible disease. Amen.