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George W. Bush and Obama somehow managed to rack up a staggering $10 trillion dollars in debt, and the total keeps increasing. Our entire government is run by people who act like they’ve just gotten their first credit card, and they’re going to spend until it’s maxed out.

I can clearly remember my first government function. The heads of the different regions for the Veterans Health Administration needed to get together to roll out a hotline, and they all flew to DC and met at a 4-star luxury hotel. I have never stayed in a hotel this nice in my life, but the government had no problem getting rooms for about 50 people and renting the conference facility for a week. The local Ramada would have worked for about 20% of the cost, but that’s not how our pampered government officials operate. They only want the best taxpayers can buy.

Martha Johnson, the head of the government’s procurement agency, the General Services Administration, just quit after an IG’s report highlighted her agency’s lavish spending. One highpoint was the $822,000 she spent on a four-day GSA sponsored conference in Las Vegas. Twenty-four bikes for a team-building exercise at a cost of $75,000 was also pretty impressive. In case you’re keeping score, that’s over $3,000 a bike.

I used to work closely with the GSA for a number of years, and that entire administration was a mess. My contract administrator was probably making about $80,000 a year, but she may well have been mildly retarded. I used to print her emails and hang them up in my office as a joke because they were basically indecipherable. Koko the gorilla had a better grasp of language than this moron.

Our government is so screwed up that it’s probably past the point of being reformed. If Al Qaeda commits another major strike they should avoid DC. They would hurt us more by leaving our government intact.