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granny bikini

FCC Commissioner and American patriot, Ajit Pai, was the first prominent person to raise concerns with an FCC proposal to put monitors in newsrooms.

The monitors were supposedly part of a study on news reporting, but most people saw it for what it was, a shallow attempt by the government to influence what stories were presented to the public.

After a mini-backlash, the government decided to postpone the study, but the more I think about it, does it really even matter?

Orwellian comparisons aside, this isn’t 1984, and we have hundreds of news options open to us. I haven’t watched a television news program since the 90s because I find that Internet sites run by lunatics tend to give me the news I can use.

For example, did you know the fluoride is just a mind control poison used by cynical elites to keep us docile? You would if you got most of your information from www.prisonplanet.com like I do.

If the government really wants to ensure equal representation and coverage in the media, they should take a look at the porn industry.

I have been watching sex videos of the same group of grannies for like a decade now, and I’m sick of it. The government could even kill two birds with one stone here.

If they moved the retirement age from 65 to 70, it would both postpone the demise of Social Security and push more of these old birds into porn to make ends meet. It’s a win-win for everybody.