I’ve always had a beef with religion.  If God is so goddamned powerful, why doesn’t he feed the hungry, heal the sick and cure whatever plague is ravaging our planet this month?

Sure, we as humans could do most of these things ourselves, but volunteering in a soup kitchen would require far more effort than I’m even willing to consider.

However, if I could just snap my fingers and magically give those filthy transients a pizza, I would definitely spare the ten seconds of energy to do that.

I might even do it almost every day.

God doesn’t do that, so there are three possibilities: he doesn’t exist, doesn’t care or can’t.

Rationally, I lean toward the doesn’t exist option, but the simple fact that we’ve evolved to believe in God or gods probably means something.  It might be that faith is just a great coping mechanism to overcome the unceasing misery of life, but it could be something else.

Even if God exists, he didn’t create the universe.  He probably doesn’t even care about gay marriage, pre-marital sex or the staggering amount of granny porn I view on any given day.  Rules on morality were created by man for man.

People have this idea that if there’s a God, he must be omnipotent, but last time I checked, magic isn’t real.  Maybe God actually exists, but he can only do a few things like whisper in your ear or send a picture of his son to appear in an old Mexican lady’s taco.