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I really hope Obama wins today, and it’s not because I think he’s a good president. It’s just the opposite. His first four-years have been an absolute train-wreck, and I have a good feeling the next four will be an unmitigated disaster.

You see, I love chaos, and nothing breeds it quite like that magical confluence of zeal, incompetence and power. And as much as I loved America, she had a good run, but no free country on earth can survive sixteen straight years of Bush and Obama. Something has to give.

Much like their Republican predecessors, the Obama administration lives in a strange bubble, and thanks to the liberal media, they never have to leave their fantasy world. In their minds, the addition of $5 trillion in debt in four years is a mere trifle, and they feel the good times can go on forever.

They flit from party to party, from Potemkin village to village, and with each step they become a little more detached from reality. If you repeat something enough times, you’ll actually start to believe it, and I have a hunch they think things are just fine.

The ruling elite of Rome probably felt the same way right before Alaric and his Visigoths nearly burned the city to the ground.

The real unemployment rate of our country is actually closer to 15%, and we’re now printing and borrowing over a trillion dollars a year to maintain the unsustainable. Instead of getting our financial house in order, we’ll just keep flooding the world with dollars until we eventually drown ourselves.

Here’s a clue for when it will happen. Just before Byzantium fell, a strange glow enveloped the dome of the cathedral of Hagia Sophia. If you suddenly see a strange light playing about the dome of the U.S. capitol, it’s probably time to pack up your shit and head to Canada.