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Daniel Lawrence Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy, isn’t a Southerner. He’s from Nebraska, and for a time, he was a disc-jockey and minor stand-up comic. Here’s a link to one of his earlier sets, before he struck gold with the Cable Guy persona. It’s truly awful.

At some point, the Larry shtick took over his act, and Daniel had to become Larry. He now maintains the trademark Larry accent and mannerisms both on and off the stage, and if you see him in public, chances are he’ll be wearing something flannel.

The catch-phrase Git-R-Done resonated with people, and I still remember the pick-up truck I saw that had a wooden tailgate with Git-R-Done spray-painted on it. I never really got the catch-phrase until then. I guess it means just that. Do what you have to do to get it done.

Some people think Larry is a fraud because he’s an annoying character created by a stand-up comic. I look at it another way. Imagine that Dan Whitney has average to above-average intelligence. Then imagine the personal hell of being forever stuck in the Larry the Cable Guy persona. You think you hate watching it. Try living it.

Every time you go out, you have to talk like him. If you do an interview, you have to use folksy sayings and interpret things as Larry would. He has a new show on History, and even there he has to be Larry.

I understand this character has made Dan exceptionally rich, but you have to wonder if at night, he just puts a pistol in his mouth and dreams of killing Larry once and for all.