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cake2 Two gay guys in Colorado, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, had a little hissy fit filed a discrimination complaint against the Masterpiece Cakeshop for refusing to make a cake for their wedding.

The complaint, filed on their behalf by the ACLU, seeks to force the business to “cease and desist” the practice of refusing to make wedding cakes for gays. And if the suit is successful, the business owners would face fines of $500 per case and up to a year in jail for every cake they refused to make.

As a staunch libertarian, things like this really piss me off. I believe everyone has the right to get married, but I also believe businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone. And if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

There are probably fifty other fucking bakeries in Denver, and I’m sure every single one of them would be happy to take your money. You don’t have to impose your world view on everyone, and it’s fine if people disagree with you.

And spare me the whining banter about how you felt discriminated against and “dehumanized” by this baker. I’m sure you’ve both willingly consented to far more degrading stuff in the rest stop bathroom, and this wouldn’t even crack the top 50.