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gay-marriage This is a guest post by B.A. Buttruckus

Like most Americans I am appalled by what passes for journalism by our left-wing media. These liberal hacks never seem to get tired of trying to ram their sick agenda down our throats, and while adults are constantly bombarded by their depraved propaganda, I’m most worried about the children.

And it’s not just the news. It seems like you can’t even turn on the television anymore without some goddamned commercial or sitcom trying to force you to accept interracial gay marriage.

Just the other day I was watching television with my niece, and a black man and white man were holding hands. As I got up to change the channel to shield her from this sick perversion, she cooed, “Aww, that’s so cute.”

Normally, I’m a pretty low-key guy, but in this rare instance I blew my top. There is nothing cute or adorable about interracial gay marriage, and it is a sick blasphemy and an affront to God.

And she’s not the only one those sick pricks have brainwashed.

One of the highlights of my year is the local Pride Parade, but what I saw this year nearly made me puke. The parade queen and queen were a blonde man and a mulatto. Can you believe that?

What has happened to this country?