France Last week the British government showed it’s still a little bitter about that false evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction we used to lure them into the war in Iraq, and Parliament voted against British military action against Syria.

Stung by the rebuke, the U.S. regime has been desperately seeking allies and it appears it found one in the great military power of France.

Yep, France is itching for a fight and its Communist Socialist President, Francois Hollande, is backing U.S. calls for air strikes against the Syrian women and children unlucky enough to get in the way of our mighty bombs.

First off, I still don’t understand while we’re supporting the foreign jihadists and Al Qaeda remnants that make up the backbone of the anti-Assad forces. Unless the Israelis have some candid pics of Obama and Reggie Love frolicking in the oval orifice, none of this makes sense.

Second, if France is your main military ally, you might want to second guess your position. France is the only country on the goddamned globe that has lost wars on four continents in the last 200 years, and they even lost to Mexico and Haiti for Christ’s sake.

I’m not sure if French cruise missiles are capable of surrendering before hitting their targets, but I wouldn’t chance it. And their main fighter jet, the Mirage, is aptly named because if Syrian Air defenses prove to be at all formidable, the only thing our pilots will see are their vapor trails as they streak back to their airbases.