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moneyIn a revelation that absolutely blows my mind, it was just announced the USDA is producing Spanish-language flyers to let illegal immigrants know it doesn’t check immigration status and will give them food stamps if they apply.

Seriously? You mean that anyone can come here, and it’s up to me to pay to feed them. Maybe I wouldn’t have to eat my meals off McDonalds’ dollar menu if it wasn’t my responsibility to subsidize every fuck-up on the planet.

Our country is slated to take in a record amount of tax revenue this year, the most in our nation’s history, but we’re still $17 trillion in debt and adding billions more every day. Our politicians are far too generous with my money, but I have a solution to fix it. You get to choose your own tax rate.

The idea hit me when I was sitting in an airport last week, and I watched all the first class passengers get to board the plane ahead of me. They paid a little extra, so they got treated a little better. The same should be true with taxes.

You could chose different levels of citizenship, and you’d get what you pay for. I’d probably opt for something like copper or bronze level. However, if you’re a little liberal who want to build a Utopia for the poor, you can opt for gold level.

Personally, I’d rather put all my cash in a pile and set it on fire than help others, but that’s just me.